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Morning Round-Up

Three quick stories:

Obama’s second ad for the general election is up and airing in… guessed it……Virginia. All hands on deck. Do what you can, but EVERY VOTE COUNTS this fall, and we have to work hard. You can start by helping us with phone banking on July 9th. Details on the calendar at our main web site.

Bob Goodlatte has joined with fifty of his colleagues to ask the Administrator of the EPA to lower the amount of ethanol required in America’s fuels. The move is in response to rising food prices, which are being driven both by the cost of fuel and a diminished supply, thanks in part both to ethanol use and wild storms out west (and at home; a number of Valley farmers, include Rockingham area Delegate Matt Lohr, have reported large losses following recent storms). Many environmentalists have hailed ethanol as a giant leap forward towards lowering our reliance on foreign oil, but economists have been quick to point out that diverting corn towards ethanol limits the amount used for food. 

-The Northern Virginia Daily has a round-up of area Fourth of July festivities. But what could be more patriotic than showing your support for a candidate in our free and fair elections (once a rarity in the world)? And you can do that by joining us at 2:30 p.m. in New Market for their Fourth of July Parade. (Sorry for the shameless plug)


Obama leading Virginia
June 30, 2008, 10:43 am
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Obama has maintained his slight lead in Virginia since the last time we took a look (in the first edition of Stampede!), with Obama at 49%, with McCain trailing at 47%. Still within the margin of error and still under 50%, but just 4% find themselves undecided at this point, an unusually low number at this point in the campaign.

Some other interesting numbers:

  • McCain is still polling over 25% of African-Americans, indicating that perhaps Obama is having some problems connecting with those in the Black community who have more conservative views on faith, abortion, and gay marriage.
  • Currently Obama has only 79% of Virginia Democrats behind him, versus 86% of Republicans throwing in behind McCain
  • 51% of Virginias attended Church Services regularly, and amongst these voters McCain has a 13 point lead
  • The poll found that 43% of Virginians described themselves as Democrats, versus 31% for us and 23% independent. Expect this finding to be heavily scrutinized across the blogosphere
  • McCain maintains a solid lead in the Shenandoah region at 61%. President Bush got 63%  last time in the Sixth (and the Shenandoah region for SurveyUSA extends beyond the 6th), but 4% remain undecided

All in all, a little disappointing, but there remains alot of room for movement. Additionally, there’s some questionable findings elsewhere in the poll and this thing is under the margin of error, so essentially, Virginia remains firmly in toss-up territory.

Which makes it all the more important that we get cracking on our phone banks and walking. In Virginia individuals do not register by party, so the only way outside of ids from primaries (and they see very low turnout) to get a clear of id of who’s who is to ask the people. Always a difficult endeavor, but it’s the only way, plus with the intensity of the race, people have opinions and are willing to talk.

Anyone interested in phone banking can join us July 9th at United Country Real Estate on July 9th. If that doesn’t fit into your schedule, please let me know. I have call sheets rip roaring ready to go.

Craig Orndorff ( (540) 436-3530 

How far left can he go……
June 28, 2008, 12:18 am
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before he falls off the edge?

I’m writing, of course, about presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barrack Obama. For nearly twelve years, Hillary Clinton has been one of the predominant faces of American liberalism. There have, however, long been far more liberal voices in the Democratic party, and they grew restless with what they saw as a too moderate approach to governing by the Clintonistas (what, they weren’t satisfied with the Assault Weapons Ban and two of the most liberal members of the Supreme Court?). However, they never had a true voice, someone that could carry them to the White House……

until now. Barrack Obama has proved himself to be firmly on the left end of the spectrum. Perhaps not a leftist per se, but on every major political issue of our time Barrack Obama is on the farthest left end of the spectrum one can go and still be a member of the Democratic party. Of course, some of his supporters are less bashful about their views. 

However, VA Patriot lays out the case for Obama being perhaps more explicitly Marxist than he’d wish to be seen. It’s a real eye opener for anyone considering which way to go in this election. 

If these aren’t your views, be sure to join us every other Wednesday (the next time on July 9th) for Bob Goodlatte’s phone banks at United Country Real Estate in Mount Jackson, or donate to John McCain’s campaign.