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How far left can he go……
June 28, 2008, 12:18 am
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before he falls off the edge?

I’m writing, of course, about presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barrack Obama. For nearly twelve years, Hillary Clinton has been one of the predominant faces of American liberalism. There have, however, long been far more liberal voices in the Democratic party, and they grew restless with what they saw as a too moderate approach to governing by the Clintonistas (what, they weren’t satisfied with the Assault Weapons Ban and two of the most liberal members of the Supreme Court?). However, they never had a true voice, someone that could carry them to the White House……

until now. Barrack Obama has proved himself to be firmly on the left end of the spectrum. Perhaps not a leftist per se, but on every major political issue of our time Barrack Obama is on the farthest left end of the spectrum one can go and still be a member of the Democratic party. Of course, some of his supporters are less bashful about their views. 

However, VA Patriot lays out the case for Obama being perhaps more explicitly Marxist than he’d wish to be seen. It’s a real eye opener for anyone considering which way to go in this election. 

If these aren’t your views, be sure to join us every other Wednesday (the next time on July 9th) for Bob Goodlatte’s phone banks at United Country Real Estate in Mount Jackson, or donate to John McCain’s campaign.