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Morning Round-Up


Four stories you should know about:

Governor Kaine is warning the General Assembly that major cuts are going to be needed in the budget due to what appears to have been a horrendous miscalculation by then-Finance Secretary, now-LG candidate Jody Wagner (seriously Democrats, this is the best you can do?) Could this be the silver bullet that kills Kaine’s VP chances? I dunno, Barack Obama barely has any accomplishments in his agenda, so even someone with a train wreck of a legacy might be worth it. Hint to Governor Kaine: Lying only works when you’re trying to raise taxes, not spending. For some reason, people tend to get a bit more upset when there’s no money instead of too much (even if it is all in the government’s hands). Personally, I like Delegate Clay Athey’s proposal best:

When the ax falls, it should land first on new programs proposed by Kaine, said Del. Clifford L. “Clay” Athey, R-Front Royal.

 “That would free up $300 [million] to $400 million for before getting into core stuff” like education, Athey said.

Also a must read: Senator Obenshain’s response, up over at SWACGirl. Some highlights:

It wouldn’t have taken an expert to determine which way the fiscal winds were blowing in the waning days of 2007. Profligate spending, unfortunately, was the order of the day, and the attempts my Republican colleagues and I made to inject a dose of fiscal sanity into the budget process were dismissed out of hand. Reality and new spending programs were at odds, and the Governor decided that reality would simply have to give way.


More to the point, when the Governor presents revenue forecasts put together by his Secretary of Finance, we need to be able to rely on those projections as an unbiased and factually-based estimate. Instead, however, the numbers were merely a ploy to push new expenditures our Commonwealth can ill afford.

President Rick Zinser is leaving Masanutten Military Academy next year after an eight year run. I’ll be perfectly honest: Colonel Zinser has done a marvelous job at the academy and has greatly changed how it is viewed in the community. Military academies (and this one in particular) are not little prisons; they are well thought out, alternative educational institutions driven by military values.   Though I rarely like to do this, be sure to read the profile on Zinser and the Academy in last week’s Herald.

-Republican Electoral Board Member Bev Felming is working with the Woodstock Town Council on massaging the town’s current stance that town elections will be held at the old location (County Government Building) while all others will be at Central High School. The town decided to hold off on action when several residents protested the move, despite the fact that the move recieved no opposition before when it came to both the Electoral Board and the Board of Supervisors. (Although it should be noted there was some that may not have been lodged in public) Read your local government agendas, people!

-Strasburg’s planning commission is tackling the issue of commercial versus residential development once more, this time in the form of a proposal for 80-some condo units on Signal Knob Drive.



Morning Round-up

Eight stories you should know about:

-The 287(g) program that allows local law enforcement to begin deportation proceedings may be on the federal budgetary chopping block. Shenandoah County participates in this program. 

The Strasburg Town Council is re-thinking the move from eight to six seats. Perhaps some of them realized that they too could be on the chopping block?

-The Woodstock Town Council has decided to keep its elections at the County Government Center rather than move to the school. Note that this applies only to the May General. Personally I don’t like the move at all. Why should these young whippersnaps get Election Day, the holiest of all days in a democracy, when yours truly had to labor tediously awaiting the return home to watch the festivities. I remember in 2000, the one time we did get Election Day off because they scheduled parent-teacher conferences the same day, that I too a nap so I could stay up late in to the night. In retrospect, that was a very good move…

-Dick Bowman has been award the Virginia, Maryland and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives distinguished service award.

-The Shenandoah County Fair will offer free admission to all veterans and active-duty service members on August 27th.  

-The Virginia Forensic Science Board has rejected a plan to help notify felons of biological data that could be retested. Instead, they’ll be notified by certified mail

Preparations are underway for the County Yard Crawl. Please note: this is not an excuse to dump all your old crap on your yard and just hope someone takes it. 

-Bill Bolling and Bob McDonnell will run as a team next year, regardless of what happens with Time Kaine in the coming weeks.

Morning Round-Up

-AG Bob McDonnell is suing HomeSpun HomeFashions in light on numerous complaints against their business practices. 

-The team of Lohr and Saxman framed the energy debate yesterday for Senator John McCain. The talk was targeted towards the impact of ethanol production on farmers. 

-The RTD has an amusing article about how retailers are looking to the candidates to boost lagging sales. John McCain chew toy, anyone? Personally, my cat could use an elephant collar.

Two members of the Strasburg Volunteer Fire Department have been slapped with sexual harassment charges. Ouch. 

-Apparently there are pros and cons to building a new bridge in Deer Rapids. I never knew that some people bought homes because of the unique inconveniences they offered.

Morning Round-up

Six stories you should know about:

Rep. Eric Cantor has come out swinging against Barack Obama’s energy policy. Funny. You couldn’t even get people to think about energy policy for most of the last twenty years.

-Representative Goodlatte is touting his coastal exploration plan.

-New Market has released details for its fa…uh, late summer Heritage Festival. You can keep trying to explain to me why you think moving this thing to the opening weekend of the fair was a good idea…..

-Strasburg’s Capital Improvements Plan is headed for an update.

-McCain surrogates Delegates Chris Saxman and Matt Lohr are outlining the Senator’s energy policy in Harrisonburg news conference this morning. Sorry folks, they’re not on the shortlist for veep.

-Larry Hincker, Virginia Tech’s VP for University Relations, spoke to a group of university security officials about crisis communication. That wasn’t a mistype. You may remember his for this gem.

Thursday Update

stories you should know about:

-Garren Shipley speculates what the possible selection of Time Kaine for VP could mean for the General Assembly and Election 2009. My speculation: this is fun, but right now I’m at 55% confidence that Kaine won’t be picked.

-Karen Spillman, who was recently hired as Strasburg High’s new principal, apparently has a bit of a history with the media…..and not particularly a good one.

-Bob Goodlatte will be hosting a Veteran’s Fair at the Weyer’s Cave Community center on August 12th from 10 A.M. to 12 P.M. Veterans can get helping enrolling in benefits and learn more about about area VA Programs.

-Just a little bit to the North, but The Winchester Star is reporting that we may be looking at a great peach season this year. Note: In the 2002 census of agriculture for Shenandoah County, fruit made up nearly 48% of cash receipts for crops.

-Also just a bit away, The Winchester Star takes a look at Star Tannery’s fire company and their annual parade. They mention cancellations in Toms Brook and Conicsville, but I believe they mean Toms Brook and Strasburg (and I believe Mt. Jackson as well).

Friday Round-Up

Sorry, late start. Five stories you should know about.

-State Senator Frank Wagner, who along with Delegate Chris Saxman has been pushing for Virginia to use off-shore drilling not only to help America’s energy woes but also to aid transportation funding, weighs in on the McCain energy policy.

County Chair Mike Monahan has been named head of the McCain effort in Shenandoah County. Congratulations, Mike.

-Fifth District Congressman Virgil Goode is boosting his 7th District colleague Eric Cantor as a possible vice-presidential candidate for Senator McCain. He even went so far as to have some “McCain-Cantor ’08” buttons made. Even if the ticket doesn’t come to fruition, being a Virginia political button fiend, I just HAVE to get me one of those.

-Speaking of Virginia Veeps, on the other side of the aisle former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe is promoting Governor Tim Kaine (or Kaine Wreck, as we like to call him after the transportation debacle). This comes to many as a sign that Hillary Clinton, who McAuliffe defendely ferociously and often to the point of lunacy as it became apparent the nomination  was slipping away from her, is not being considered for the nod.

-The town of New Market has ok’d a deal to send wastewater to Bridgewater’s Timberville plant. The deal, which will cost $10.25 million up-front, is seen as a cheaper alternative to building a new plant, which would have came in between $15 and $20 million.

Morning Round-Up

Six stories you should know about:

-Apparently, stores in the Hampton Roads region have been charging sales tax on non-prescription medications. which are supposed to be tax exempt. The Governor’s office called the mistakes “rare,” yet more than 1,200 stores were discovered to be lacking in this practice. Of course, Governor Kaine has never really been considered a friend of the taxpayer, has he?

-The Pocket Park in Strasburg is apparently having some drainage issues.

-E.J. Dionne has thoughts about the sudden thrusting of Virginia into the Electoral map spotlight. However, his analysis seems to rely heavily on the Democratic trope that Virginia is shifting blue due to the wins of Kaine, Warner, and Webb. Most Republicans will note that the Kilgore and Allen campaigns suffered from major tactical and strategic blunders. The Demographic shift is undeniably and led to the closeness of the Allen-Webb affair, but we’ll see what the score really is when Obama and McCain come up for a “clean” fight this fall. 

-The County’s volunteer rescue squads are contemplating charging a fee for ambulance service. The reason, amongst others, is decreased donations which is leading to more fundraisers which, in turn is taxing staff. 

-Chairman Jeff Frederick at RPV smacks Mark Warner:

Jim Gilmore & Mark Warner: A Tale of Two Taxes
No story is more emblematic of the mainstream media’s love affair for higher taxes than the manner in which Virginia’s two U.S. Senate candidates are portrayed.

On the one hand you have Jim Gilmore, who promised to cut taxes for Virginians, and did so with a vengeance. Jim Gilmore fought for and won the largest tax cut in Virginia history, and was still able to oversee a booming Virginia economy, an improvement in public safety, and a balanced budget.

Democrat Mark Warner promised to not raise taxes, but after he was elected, well… who keeps promises anyway? Mark Warner pushed through the largest tax increase in Virginia history – breaking his promise, soaking Virginians to the tune of over $1.3 billion in higher taxes, and winning the love of many in the press to boot.

There is no getting around it; Mark Warner did not tell the voters of Virginia the truth, either before or after his huge tax increase. Yet he gets the kind of favorable press you’d normally see for a politician in the old Soviet Union. Why?

The fact is, the mainstream media (most, not all) love higher taxes and more government. But the people of Virginia are not going to get the truth from most news outlets, which is why it is so important for you – the GOP grassroots – to tell people the truth about the candidates at every opportunity. If we help get Jim Gilmore’s message out and explain the truth to people, this campaign could turn around very quickly! 


-Finally, RPV has a new budget team:

Richmond, Virginia (July 15, 2008) – Delegate Jeff Frederick, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) announced today that he has appointed Anthony Bedell as RPV’s Budget Director and Chairman of the Budget Committee.

The Fairfax native is a longtime Republican activist who led Frederick’s transition and executive director search committees. He currently serves as the Director of Federal and State Government Affairs for a Fortune 500 software company. 

“Anthony Bedell is a person whom I have an extremely high level of trust and confidence in,” said Frederick. “He has the perfect background and experience to serve our party as Budget Director and he clearly understands the budget priorities and needs of the Party.”

Bedell has worked on over a dozen Republican campaigns in Virginia and elsewhere, including George Allen’s 1993 gubernatorial campaign, his 2006 senatorial campaign, and Bush-Cheney 2000 and 2004. He also worked for various legislators including Del. Jay O’Brien (Fairfax) and Del. Frank Ruff (Mecklenburg).

“I’m confident and so happy that Anthony Bedell will be providing his energetic, principled leadership to the Republican Party of Virginia.” remarked former Governor George Allen on the news of the appointment.

Bedell also has extensive executive branch experience. In 2001 he was appointed as a Senior Legislative Officer by Secretary Elaine Chao to handle a variety of legislative matters for the U.S. Department of Labor. 

In 2003 the White House appointed Bedell as Associate Administrator for the Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs at the U.S. Small Business Administration. There he served as chief advisor to the Administrator on all legislative matters related to Congress and the executive branch.

Bedell is a product of Virginia’s public school system attending and graduating from West Springfield High School and Virginia Commonwealth University. He is also a veteran of the United States Air Force. He currently resides in Falls Church and is married with two children.

In addition, Frederick also named three others to RPV’s Budget Committee: Christopher Oprison, Bryce Reeves, and Scott Sayre.

Christopher Oprison, a former Marine prosecutor, is currently an attorney in private practice, after having recently left White House where he served as an Associate Counsel to the President. He and his wife Jennifer have three children and live in Loudoun County.

Bryce Reeves is Chairman Spotsylvania County Republican Committee and owner of an insurance agency. He has 18 years of government and civilian budget experience, in both law enforcement and active-duty military.

Scott Sayre, a businessman from Lexington, is the Vice Chairman of the Sixth Congressional District Republican Committee. Scott and his wife, Mary, employ over 100 people in their manufacturing operation which they started in their garage.