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College students and voter fraud

I’ve written multiple times about the great potential for fraud in the voting process and several times about the unique challenges college students and campus organizers face in registering to vote. From the Third Congressional District we recieve word that thousands of out-of-state college students have registered to vote in both Virginia and their home state. From Third Congressional District Republican Committee Chair Mike Wade:

An ongoing analysis of data matching voter registration lists in
other states with the list of newly registered voters in Virginia has
confirmed that there are thousands of students who attend college in
Virginia who are registered here as well as in their home state. Even
more alarming, some of these students have applied for absentee
ballots in their home state after having just registered to vote here.

In just eight localities in Pennsylvania, over 350 individuals were
registered to vote both in Virginia and Pennsylvania, and 40 of these
individuals have applied for and/or received absentee ballots. The
analysis is continuing.

 “Every Virginian should be concerned about the potential for fraud
 on a scale we have not witnessed before in Virginia, said Mike Wade,
Third District GOP Chairman. “I am pleased that Secretary Rodrigues
and the State Board of Elections is taking this seriously and has
turned the names of those applying for ballots in other states over to
the State Police.”

Wade continued, “It is vital this year that every Virginian be
vigilant and aware and report suspected fraud to the proper

This situation is a direct result of the intervention by Governor
Kaine’s office in the policymaking process, supported by pressure
from the Obama campaign directed toward both the State Board of
Elections and local Registrars. In early September, election policy
was changed to shift responsibility from the local Registrar to the
student him/herself for determining whether or not they are a resident
of Virginia. Registrars were further instructed to not inform an
applicant for voter registration about such things as the requirement
under state law for an individual to contact the DMV and obtain a
Virginia Driver’s License within 60 days of becoming a resident of

“The unprecedented involvement of the Governor’s Chief of Staff,
in directing policy and personally editing communications to
Registrars for the sole purpose of benefitting one candidate in one
race, has cast doubts on the entire policymaking process,” Wade
added. “The result is the alarming situation we now find ourselves

Senator Obenshain, who represents Harrisonburg and therefore James Madison University in the State Senate, has been hammering the Democrats on this for weeks. It’s only now that we find out the full extent of this issue.

I believe that it should be easy to vote, and it is all things considered. Absentee voting puts no additional burden on the voter other than remembering which date to have everything done by, which is really no different than remembering when the polls close. If students insist on voting in person, I have my own issues with that, but some of that stems from my views on home and permanence. If you’re ready to face the consequences of fully pulling the rope away and saying you no longer with your parents, fine.

It’s hard for me to believe, though, that thousands of college students have “spaced” on where they are registered and “accidentally” registered twice. I’m not saying that this is a deliberate ploy by the Obama campaign (although I do agree with the analysis that Kaine intentionally lowered the threshold to use Virginia’s substantial non-resident college population to put the state in play). What I am saying is that this policy has the potential to be misused by individuals, and that appears to be the case here.

Every vote counts.

But only once.


Thursday Update

stories you should know about:

-Garren Shipley speculates what the possible selection of Time Kaine for VP could mean for the General Assembly and Election 2009. My speculation: this is fun, but right now I’m at 55% confidence that Kaine won’t be picked.

-Karen Spillman, who was recently hired as Strasburg High’s new principal, apparently has a bit of a history with the media…..and not particularly a good one.

-Bob Goodlatte will be hosting a Veteran’s Fair at the Weyer’s Cave Community center on August 12th from 10 A.M. to 12 P.M. Veterans can get helping enrolling in benefits and learn more about about area VA Programs.

-Just a little bit to the North, but The Winchester Star is reporting that we may be looking at a great peach season this year. Note: In the 2002 census of agriculture for Shenandoah County, fruit made up nearly 48% of cash receipts for crops.

-Also just a bit away, The Winchester Star takes a look at Star Tannery’s fire company and their annual parade. They mention cancellations in Toms Brook and Conicsville, but I believe they mean Toms Brook and Strasburg (and I believe Mt. Jackson as well).

Morning Round-up
July 24, 2008, 8:25 am
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Just two stories you should know about:

The county has made changes to the Route 11 Overlay plan. 

-The Washington Times reports on how GOP candidates for 09 in Virginia are hoping to carry this year’s momentum into next year.

-There has been a surprise development in the McCain campaign. John McCain has cancelled his visit to an off-shore oil rig in Louisiana and has suddenly went to Columbus, Ohio. Could it be Veep Day?

Morning Round-up

Sorry if this post is a bit bigger than usual, but I was just too busy to post yesterday. However, there’s still nine stories you should know about:

-State Senator Ken Cuccinelli stumped in Staunton at Shoney’s Restaurant Wednesday night. Although the AG race isn’t until next year, I encourage all Republican activists to start looking at the three candidates. 

-Poultry growers in the Valley are speaking out against ethanol subsidies, saying that funding ethanol puts the crunch on their feed prices. Feed costs make up about 70% of their production overhead. 

-Bob Goodlatte is crushing Sam Rasoul in the money race, outraising him roughly 5 to 1. 

-The Virginia Cooperative Extension showed off new equipment in Mount Jackson that injects manure and nitrogen into the ground rather than spreading it on top. 

-Tim Craig of the Washington Post discusses some counties in the state that may be the localities that decide November’s election. 

-There will be no new Christian high school in the county, at least not this fall. 

-The Obama campaign is opening offices in Harrisonburg AND Winchester. 

-New Market will have a meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Monday to go over their waste disposal plans

-Delegate Todd GIlbert visited Harmony Hall last night. Harmony Hall, a 1754 stone house owned by Belle Grove Plantation, will be one of just a handful of historic houses opened to the public in Shenandoah County when it is completed within the next decade.