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ACORNS keep falling
October 14, 2008, 10:59 am
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More disturbing news regarding voter registration fraud. This time in Pennsylvania:

State Republican leaders are accusing a community-based group it claims has links to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, of deliberately filing fraudulent voter registration forms across the state.

Voter registration officials in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Allegheny County have reported problems with registrations filed on behalf of voters by the Association of Community Organizations, or ACORN. State Republican Party chairman Robert Gleason said the number of fake registrations is in the thousands and said the situation has “the potential for massive fraud.”

A York man employed part-time by ACORN was arrested Saturday and charged with submitting more than 100 bogus registrations over eight days in June. The man was fired when ACORN learned of the discrepancy.

Dauphin County investigators said Luis F. Torres-Serrano, 37, of the 400 block of George St., York, was working part time for ACORN and turned in bogus registration forms, apparently to justify his paycheck, said Chief County Detective John Goshert.

But that’s not the only instance. ACORN and its workers have been connected with suspicious activity in ELEVEN different states this year alone.

…..and some workers face possible criminal charges.

In one Indiana county, officials say 2,000 forms were bogus. In Nevada, workers are accused of using the Dallas Cowboys roster on forms. Officials there raided an ACORN office this week.

A host of other instances have been cited: fake names, bad addresses, dead people.

In Milwaukee, where ACORN turned in at least 33,000 registrations, the group improperly used felons as registration workers. Additionally, its workers are among 49 cases of bad registrations sent to authorities for possible charges, as first reported by the Journal Sentinel.

A city election official said Friday that about 90% of the 49 cases were workers for ACORN, with nearly all of the rest part of the Community Voters Project. The 49 individuals submitted about 300 registration cards, all sent to authorities for review.

So far, two people, both with the voters project, have been charged with felonies.

More on activity in Florida and Pennsylvania:

* In Brevard County, Fla., elections officials discovered up to two-thirds of the 1,320 voter registrations delivered by ACORN workers in the past week contained people already on voter rolls, Florida Today reported.

* In Allegheny County, Pa., the DA said there could be criminal charges stemming from up to 100 phony registrations, many of which were handled by ACORN, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Meanwhile, there’s more than you think to Obama’s relationship with ACORN:

“Barack Obama has made very inconsistent remarks about what his relationship with this organization is,” Rick Davis, Mr. McCain’s campaign manager, said in a conference call.

Mr. Davis said Mr. Obama had worked as Acorn’s lawyer and conducted training events for its leaders. He also noted a payment the Obama campaign made in February to an Acorn affiliate, Citizens Services Inc.


Even before Friday’s conference call, Republicans had made much of an $832,598 payment made in February by the Obama campaign to Citizens Services Inc., a consulting firm affiliated with Acorn.

“This organization is not just related to but deeply ingrained in the Acorn organization, a front group for Acorn,” Mr. Davis said.

The Obama campaign initially reported that the payment was for “staging, sound, lighting” and other advance work when it reported its expenditures with the Federal Election Commission. It filed amended reports in August and September to reflect that those payments were for get-out-the-vote efforts.

Mr. Davis contended that the original filing was an effort to “hide the fact” that money was paid to Acorn. But F.E.C. officials have said such amended filings are common.

Citizens Services typically contracts with Acorn and its affiliates for work like that done for the Obama campaign. Mr. Goldberg, the Acorn spokesman, said that less than $80,000 of the Obama campaign’s payment to Citizens Services went to Acorn. Jeff Robinson, executive vice president of Citizens Services, did not return a call inquiring how the rest of the money was spent.

To learn about these and other ties that Obama has to ACORN and other left wing groups, visit here and here.


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