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Obenshain Gets it Right on Gilmore
October 7, 2008, 2:02 pm
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Mark Obenshain has joined us for several events in the last few months, and at these events he has been very vigorous in defending the campaign of Jim Gilmore, and why good Republicans need to resist the spin that Mark is a good guy. He summarized some of his points in his latest newsletter:

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, why on earth would we want to help Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Chris Dodd, and the rest of their gang by sending Mark Warner to Washington to help them reach a 60 vote Democrat supermajority?

Make no mistake about it: Mark Warner got his political start from Chris Dodd. He actually got his business start from him, too. Leveraging his knowledge as one who helped Dodd craft the rules for the eventual auction of cellular phone franchise licenses, he rounded up investors and built the foundation of his vast financial fortune. Since then, Warner has fallen in line, appearing on the campaign trail with John Kerry and now Barack Obama, and backing his liberal friends in Washington whenever they need him. Those who truly believe that Mark Warner will develop an independent streak once elected will be greatly disappointed.

That’s right. The very first vote Mark Warner will cast in the United States Senate will be to make Harry Reid Majority Leader. The Majority Leader in the Senate has incredible sway and deeply directs the course of legislation, and Reid’s power will only grow in they get to a filibuster proof 60 Senators, in which case conservative voices will be nearly silenced. There’s more, though. Behind that moderate “business oriented” facade is the heart of a liberal:

Not enough? Try this on for size. In a filmed interview with Virginia’s AFL-CIO Leadership, Warner promised he would back the so-called “card check” bill, effectively gutting Virginia’s right to work laws. Or this: Warner’s election will help liberal efforts to restore the “fairness doctrine,” which will decimate talk radio in America. The “fairness doctrine” would require radio stations airing conservative talk shows to also air an equal number of liberal talk shows, even if there is no demand for them and they cannot sell any advertising. Their only legal alternative would be to remove all talk radio from the airwaves. Increasingly, for liberals, the First Amendment is a one-way street. Hello Mark Warner — goodbye Rush Limbaugh!

I know Warner is a “nice” guy. I’m sure his politeness and sound logic was the reason that he got all but one freshman member of the House to back his massive tax hike that “saved” Virginia through fixed numbers……that, or the threat of strong Democratic challenges in the 2005 elections, funded through Warner’s massive personal wealth. Obenshain summarizes:

Don’t get me wrong. I like Mark Warner. He’s a nice guy. Jim Gilmore, on the other hand, has stepped on plenty of toes and will never win a “Miss Congeniality” award. That may be all it takes to win the votes of some, but not mine. Good grief!

More is at stake here than Mark Warner’s career trajectory, and more is on the line than one more Democratic vote in the Senate. The Democrats are pouring tens of millions of dollars into the campaign coffers of their candidates across the country because they believe their party on the verge of achieving a 60-vote supermajority which would strip Senate Republicans of the few parliamentary procedures they have to reign in liberal excesses. With a supermajority, Democrats could cut off debate on controversial bills and put them to an immediate vote, which they would inevitably win, voting along party lines.

Folks, I know that the people cavorting with Warner these days are “nice guys.” Potts. Chichester. Clint Miller. Pete GIesen. But these people long ago gave up on our party. They chose the easy path of funding “good” government through throwing as much money as possible at the problem, rather than doing the hard work of rolling up sleeves, cutting expenses, and looking for free market solutions.

Again, Mark Warner is not in line with the true conservative values of the Valley. Listen to his own words as he denounces groups that many Valley residents belong to:

Does that sound like a moderate and concilliator to you? Someone who will bring everyone to the table?

Cut through the spin. Vote your values. Vote Gilmore.


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