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Live Blog: Debate 2
October 7, 2008, 9:07 pm
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Ok everybody, sorry it took me a minute to get set-up. Clogged wireless up here in H’burg (as it should be, with over 75 strong Republicans). So let’s cut to the chase:

10:34 Alright. I’ll post some analysis when I get home, but the short of it: McCain delivered. 

10:33 McCain: Welcome to the real world, and fundamental belief in the power of America is what will save it. 

10:32 Obama: the thing I don’t know really don’t matter. I’ll figure it out. But I do know it all needs to be fixed.

10:30 So we’re going to tax the same small businesses who are striving for the American dream?

10:30 Oooo, overtime. And we may finally see just how humble these guys are. 

10:28 So what about conventional weapons aimed against Israel?

10:26 McCain gets the sham of the UN Security Council. With Russian and China, no non democratic nation will EVER be taken to task for their actions on the international stage. 

10:25 Two questions in five minutes?

10:22 So now Obama’s time machine goes both ways. Obama: He can see through time. 

10:19 The situation in Russia has gotten away from us. Do you really trust Obama to deal with such a complicated situation? McCain is absolutely right–Putin has formed a cult of personality fused with extreme nationalism fueled by a sudden surge in oil based wealth. 

10:16 McCain had a great point–We’re on the edge of doing what we did in Afghanistan in Iraq. Iraq is a synthetic creation of the British; we are on the precipice of having a nation in Iraq that takes responsibility for it’s own destiny. Nationality doesn’t form over night…..even well into the 19th Century citizens of the U.S. viewed themselves as from their states first. This takes time. 

10:11 I hope my juice lasts through the end of this debate

10:10 So you’re going to blow up one powderkeg in order to get to another? The situation in Pakistan is not cut and dry, Senator. 

10:07 It requires someone who actually knows what’s going on. 

10:06 The Obama Doctrine “Eh, we’ll deal with that when we cross that bridge”

10:05 So when you have an open act of aggression by a nuclear power or an ambitious country sitting on top of a powderkeg of natural resources, that doesn’t count? 

10:01: Just as a brief aside, I want to point out this important piece from someone who was nearly killed by the terrorism of William Ayers. h/t Powerline

9:56 The free market will develop the products, Senator Obama. Is their unfairness in the system? Yes. But you can find the product you want and get the coverage you need if you’re willing to put out for it

9:53 As someone who takes advantage of the free market for insurance, you can find what you need. 

9:48 Barack Obama has never seen a piece of pork he didn’t like. 

9:47 Wow Brokaw. Just wow. 

9:46 Mind telling us what else was in those bills? You know, these things are a just a wee bit more complicated than saying “we’re going to fix x.” Logrolling happens, deals occur, and all of a sudden a good bill turns bad. 

9:44 When we change, let’s do it as Americans. Let’s know lurch towards European socialism. 

9:43 Hmmmm. Curveball. Let’s see where we go. 

9:42 Well, see Senator McCain, we can only look at records when you have one. 

9:41 Thank you for tackling this one. 

9:39 So while we’re handing out all that money, we’re going to nail businesses to the wall? You mean these very same businesses that are PAYING these people? 

9:38 Senator Obama: Already planning your re-election bid? Just have to get it out on taxes. 

9:37 Here we go. Entitlement spending must be reformed. 

9:36 Small businesses like eBay used to be. Small businesses are the economic engine powering what we have left. 

9:35 That’s Obama sacrifice: Taxes. 

9:34 More on class warfare. 

9:32 So where are you going to find the money for this? 

9:31 Back on the time machine. 

9:30 John McCain: Reforming before reform was cool. 

9:28 Either enforce the rules, or grow a pair and be like Leher and just let them go at it. 

9:27: Again with priorities. Note what’s not on that list? Entitlements. 

9:24: Bringing back the entitlement debate. I’d rather say “transfer payments,” but this is start. 

9:22: Bingo. Keep on the reform train. This man has dedicated the last twenty years to honest reform. Not CHANGE. Reform. 

9:18: Hop on Barack Obama’s time machine! Nancy: Remember 9/11? Might have caused some budget issues…..

9:13: McCain proving once again why he is best when he’s up against the wall. Calling Obama out as he sees it. Freddie and Fannie heart the Dems

9:12: Here we go. Accountability for all. McCain has been there. Where has Obama been? 

9:10: I’m here with Nancy Barnett from the County Committee. Her point: why does it always have to be about dividing the top and the bottom? 

9:09: Again, speaking right to the people. Obama: Warren? Is he your drinking buddy? And what did McCain just say about people working their way up? America succeeds when we go back to those core values in times of crisis. 

9:08: I figured Tom would throw the rules out on follow-ups. Word was earlier today that both campaigns were readying for this. 

9:07: We needed this. McCain is showing why this is his format. He’s talking straight to the people, and talking about why we need to take a positive step towards stabilizing the house. 

9:06: Economy the first question shocker. Senator Obama: Fire the executives? Umm, never heard of the Board of Directors?

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