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Kaine Giving Felons the Vote

Remember the talk earlier this year of Governor Kain quickly reviewing applications for the reinstatement of voting rights? Well, he’s doing it, and so far nearly 2600 non-violent felons have had their rights restored:

Under a process set up by former Governor Mark Warner, felons convicted of non-violent crimes can apply to have their voting rights restored, and earlier this year, Kaine promised he would speed up a review of those applications in time for the registration deadline.

However, Delegate Bell in Albemarle doesn’t see it the way the Gov does:

“With Warner and Kaine, what used to be a thirteen-page application is down to a couple of lines,” remarked Bell. “And it says, ‘what were you charged with when were you charged? Do you want your rights back?’ With those things satisfied they check your criminal record, and we’re seeing a much quicker application process and not much review of the felons when they’re trying to get their votes back.”

The Associated Press reports that so far Kaine has restored the voting rights of more than 2600 non-violent felons. Analysts point out Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama co-sponsored legislation in the Senate that would allow all ex-felons to vote. Some legislators say the issue isn’t restoring rights to felons, it’s how leaders go about doing it.

“The question of course is if they’re doing it with careful review or if it’s a much quicker process of ‘OK here you go’ and that’s what I think is causing some concern,” said Del. Bell.

Something to keep an eye on as we go forward with this election. Of course, the Democrats seem to be pulling out all the stops. Not only is Kaine expediting these applications, but Democrats have been very, very active on college campuses, encouraging students to register where they go to school, and according to some sources, asking students to knowingly commit perjury by handing them forms that have been pre-checked to indicate that the student is not registered elsewhere even if the student states that they are. This has happened several times in Harrisonburg, and is of great concern. Of course, this is to say nothing of ACORN and other leftist groups widespread attempts to sway the election through registration fraud.

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I do volunteer work in substance abuse treatment and have come to meet a lot of rehabilitated ex-felons. They’d naturally split GOP/Dem the same as the rest of us, but many of them side with the Dems solely because the GOP opposes them on this issue. Let’s wise up and let them vote — if anyone understands the need for limited government and freedom from jack-booted thugs, it’s these guys.

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