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And this is the pro-business candidate?
September 23, 2008, 9:41 am
Filed under: Congress, Domestic Policy, Election 2008

One of the dirty little secrets of this campaign is that Mark Warner is drawing alot of Republican support. And who can blame them? Mark’s “nice” enough (I always thought Jimmy Carter was pretty nice too). And he “saved” Virginia (the facts aside).

But what about the issues. Mark always tries to talk the moderate talk….except when he needs to pander to the right crowd. The above video shows Warner at a Fourth of July Union Rally supporting the Employee Free Choice Act. Now why would that be such a bad thing? We all like to be “free.”

Well, like all good congressional action, the proposed EFCA would make employees anything but free. Currently, the process for unionization requires that either 30% of the membership sign authorization cards to call for unionization, with an election then to be held by secret ballot, or that 50% sign and the employer allow the 50% showing to stand as a “card check” election. However, under the proposed legislation, employers would be forced to accept the results of a card check as long as no coercion can be proved. Seems fair? But ask yourself–just how do you go about proving coercion when those being forced to sign are too scared to talk? The current system protects both employers by allowing them to ensure a fair process was used and employees by protecting them from coercion. Under the new law, the only thing protecting employees would be their ability to put everything at stake to ensure that fairness was given to all parties.

And this is supported by the “pro-business” candidate.

So think about that when you get ready to cast your vote for Mark Warner. That and the vote for electing Harry Reid Majority Leader, support for Obama’s economic policies, pro-choice views…..


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