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Live-blog: Night 2 of the DNC
August 26, 2008, 9:35 pm
Filed under: Election 2008

Why, you ask? Because I can tell you all are starving for content, even through the computer. I’ll focus on Warner’s speech, but what the heck, I’ll give you a two-fer with Clinton. Expect the same Thursday night.

11:10 Who’s a Methodist? President Bush…..and Senator Clinton

11:01 I think the Democrats have used the phrase “four more years” more than the GOP did in 2004. Clever turn of phase though. 

10:58 She’s bridging the gap, but can Bill follow?

10:43 I think Bill is more emotional than she is. It’s not deafening, but this is definitely an enthusiastic welcome. 

10:42: I wonder if these are new signs or leftover stock. Note that her web address is on them. 

10:41: I must say that Chelsea has really come into her own. 

10:37 One has to wonder if this was the video they had ready if she got it. 

10:25 America also imports a great deal of goat meat. Not a criticism. More of an advertisement.

10:24 Did you catch the dude yelling “Hell Yeah” and “Hell No”?

10:23 Rockin’ the bolo tie. I wish I could pull that off. 

10:15 For Mark Warner Fans: A review of Keynote Speakers of the last forty years

2004: Senator Barack Obama (Won Senate Election, Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee)
2000: Representative Harold Ford of Tennessee (Lost 2006 U.S. Senate bid, heads DLC)
1996: Governor Evan Bayh of Indiana (Won 1998 U.S. Senate Bid, Aborted potential 2008 Presidential Run)
1992: Former Representative Barbara Jordan (Died in 1996)
1988: Treasurer Ann Richards of Texas (Won Governorship in 1990, lost re-election to George W. Bush in 1994)
1984: Governor Mario Cuomo of New York (Didn’t enter 1992 Contest, lost 1994 re-election bid to George Pataki)
1980: Representative Mo Udall of Arizona (Left Congress in 1990, died in 1998)
1976: Representative Barbara Jordan (See above)
1972: Governor Reubin Askew of Florida (Served as Trade Rep, failed in 1984 Presidential Bid and 1988 Senate Bid)
1968: Senator Daniel Inyoue (Still in the U.S. Senate)

10:07 Ann Richards lives! Not only in Warner’s speech, but in Strickland’s too. 

10:06 I never realized when I was stocking frozen peas at Food Lion that I was the lowest rung on the economic ladder

10:01 Did Strickland just have his notes delivered to him? I guess not all Democrats are comfortable with technology

9:59 Just a quick glance, but I don’t think a keynoter has bashed the other party’s nominee in twenty years

9:55 I wonder if Toms Brook could fit on the convention floor

9:54 Here we go. “The Virginia Story.”

9:47 Wow. Shouldn’t have gotten in the shower. I thought Warner’s speech was going to be transcendent, above partisan bickering. But why do that when you can blame Bush?
9:37 Yes, another musical interlude! I really need a shower. Sidenote: You’d think that Democrats would have learned their lesson with using pop songs after the Wellstone funeral debacle

9:35 P.M. Already spotted Hillary signs but no Warner signs?

9:33 P.M. Just finished a Twix and a 20 oz Coke, but I’m still not sure that will keep me awake through Lilly Ledbetter’s complete history of pay equity

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