Shenandoah County GOP

Morning Round-Up


Four stories you should know about:

Governor Kaine is warning the General Assembly that major cuts are going to be needed in the budget due to what appears to have been a horrendous miscalculation by then-Finance Secretary, now-LG candidate Jody Wagner (seriously Democrats, this is the best you can do?) Could this be the silver bullet that kills Kaine’s VP chances? I dunno, Barack Obama barely has any accomplishments in his agenda, so even someone with a train wreck of a legacy might be worth it. Hint to Governor Kaine: Lying only works when you’re trying to raise taxes, not spending. For some reason, people tend to get a bit more upset when there’s no money instead of too much (even if it is all in the government’s hands). Personally, I like Delegate Clay Athey’s proposal best:

When the ax falls, it should land first on new programs proposed by Kaine, said Del. Clifford L. “Clay” Athey, R-Front Royal.

 “That would free up $300 [million] to $400 million for before getting into core stuff” like education, Athey said.

Also a must read: Senator Obenshain’s response, up over at SWACGirl. Some highlights:

It wouldn’t have taken an expert to determine which way the fiscal winds were blowing in the waning days of 2007. Profligate spending, unfortunately, was the order of the day, and the attempts my Republican colleagues and I made to inject a dose of fiscal sanity into the budget process were dismissed out of hand. Reality and new spending programs were at odds, and the Governor decided that reality would simply have to give way.


More to the point, when the Governor presents revenue forecasts put together by his Secretary of Finance, we need to be able to rely on those projections as an unbiased and factually-based estimate. Instead, however, the numbers were merely a ploy to push new expenditures our Commonwealth can ill afford.

President Rick Zinser is leaving Masanutten Military Academy next year after an eight year run. I’ll be perfectly honest: Colonel Zinser has done a marvelous job at the academy and has greatly changed how it is viewed in the community. Military academies (and this one in particular) are not little prisons; they are well thought out, alternative educational institutions driven by military values.   Though I rarely like to do this, be sure to read the profile on Zinser and the Academy in last week’s Herald.

-Republican Electoral Board Member Bev Felming is working with the Woodstock Town Council on massaging the town’s current stance that town elections will be held at the old location (County Government Building) while all others will be at Central High School. The town decided to hold off on action when several residents protested the move, despite the fact that the move recieved no opposition before when it came to both the Electoral Board and the Board of Supervisors. (Although it should be noted there was some that may not have been lodged in public) Read your local government agendas, people!

-Strasburg’s planning commission is tackling the issue of commercial versus residential development once more, this time in the form of a proposal for 80-some condo units on Signal Knob Drive.


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