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Morning Round-up

Eight stories you should know about:

-The 287(g) program that allows local law enforcement to begin deportation proceedings may be on the federal budgetary chopping block. Shenandoah County participates in this program. 

The Strasburg Town Council is re-thinking the move from eight to six seats. Perhaps some of them realized that they too could be on the chopping block?

-The Woodstock Town Council has decided to keep its elections at the County Government Center rather than move to the school. Note that this applies only to the May General. Personally I don’t like the move at all. Why should these young whippersnaps get Election Day, the holiest of all days in a democracy, when yours truly had to labor tediously awaiting the return home to watch the festivities. I remember in 2000, the one time we did get Election Day off because they scheduled parent-teacher conferences the same day, that I too a nap so I could stay up late in to the night. In retrospect, that was a very good move…

-Dick Bowman has been award the Virginia, Maryland and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives distinguished service award.

-The Shenandoah County Fair will offer free admission to all veterans and active-duty service members on August 27th.  

-The Virginia Forensic Science Board has rejected a plan to help notify felons of biological data that could be retested. Instead, they’ll be notified by certified mail

Preparations are underway for the County Yard Crawl. Please note: this is not an excuse to dump all your old crap on your yard and just hope someone takes it. 

-Bill Bolling and Bob McDonnell will run as a team next year, regardless of what happens with Time Kaine in the coming weeks.

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Regarding the news article on the 287(g) program. I think it is important for people to let their Congressman know that it is working here in Shenandoah County. The 287(g) Program is designed to allow local law enforcement to identify undocumented persons who commit crimes in our county and initiate the process for deportation proceedings. We have been participating for a year now.

Comment by Sheriff Carter

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