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Saturday Round-Up
August 2, 2008, 11:45 pm
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Ok, to all my fans who can access only this blog and thus use this as their exclusive source for Shenandoah County news ( who I must only assume exist, or else I would have given up on this project long ago)….

I’ve been experiencing PC problems for a while, which is why the County website hasn’t been substantially updated in a bit. On Thursday evening, I discovered that the power cord on my Mac Book was frayed, meaning that once the battery was gone, the show was over. Hence the light posting over the last few days. However, plenty to discuss, and there’s bigger posts on the way. Here’s six stories you should know about:

-New Market is getting ready to move on plans for a regional waste-water treatment agreement with Broadway. I’ll just stay away from trying to make a joke here in fear on stooping to school-yard antics–but I will say that any regional cooperation that has the potential for cost-savings is worth investigating.

Strasburg is considering moving from eight to six members for their town council and shifting appointments to odd-numbered years. Such a move could avoid politicizing such things and turning elections into a referendum on town officials. Also on the table: clarifying the number of votes required for levying taxes.

-After putting on his campaign ethicist hat last week, Bob Wooten decides this week to try out his best curmudgeon impersonation. His target: The Route 11 Yard Crawl. Given the size of Rt. 11, is the Yard Crawl a contender for the best idea ever? No, but hey, giving people a genuine reason to come is far superior to hoping a fancy plaza will bring them in. I use to tolerate Wooten a bit more than Chris Fordney’s smug commentary, but he’s become increasingly grating. While it’s great that the Northern Virginia Daily has expanded into local opinion rather than just regurgitating wire opinion pieces, they really could use a conservative counterpoint….particularly in light of the Shenandoah Valley Hearld’s leftward swing. But that’s another post for another day.

-The Daily News Record highlights Harrisonburg’s unique position as a safe-haven for refugees from the world over, fleeing some of the world’s biggest hot spots. This reminds me of a story I once heard at a RNC training session. The leader had been a field operative in Minnesota and recounted how fiercely the Hmong tribespeople, many of whom had fought in the “Secret War” in Vietnam and the Laotian Civil War. Many had been repatriated to Minnesota, and I’ll never forget this line: “Somehow, the CIA felt that northern Minnesota best resembled Cambodia.”

-The Tax Break on school supplies has been extended to Sunday. Maybe that’s why people didn’t take advantage of Belle Grove’s discount day…..

-This is in Augusta, but the school system there is looking to trim routes in hope of sticking within budgeted limits due to rising diesel costs.


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