Shenandoah County GOP

Morning Round-Up

Five stories you should know about:

Strasburg High School has a new principal: Karen Spillman.

-Tim Kaine is apparently very high on Obama’s veep list. Word is Kaine is in Washington today to meet with Obama, and all of Obama’s advisors are in town as well. We’re on Veep Watch Orange here, people! UPDATE: Larry Sabato has examined the pros and cons (and trust me, this could be a Democratic nightmare in terms of state politics) of a Kaine selection. This feels like the NFL draft!

-The Republican Assembly is circulating a petition in Congress simply asking members if they will vote for increased domestic oil production. Bob Goodlatte has signed. Note which party label dominates the list……

-The 4th District Court of Appeals is going to re-hear the case on Virginia’s Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

-Bob Goodlatte opened up his Roanoke headquarters yesterday. Standard article, but it contained this amusing anectdote:

 Rasoul spent the evening canvassing the swanky Hunting Hills neighborhood located just up the road from the Republican event. His campaign staffers and volunteers also handed out ice pops.

It’s always nice to see a candidate who’s willing to do anything to win, but it’s a strategy that can backfire if you look like your  you’re…..well…..not quite cut out for the job. But heck, even I wore a sandwhich board to gin up votes when I ran for Student Council Vice President in the Sixth Grade.

In the Sixth Grade.

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Just looking out for you, Craig-O.

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