Shenandoah County GOP

Friday Round-Up

Sorry, late start. Five stories you should know about.

-State Senator Frank Wagner, who along with Delegate Chris Saxman has been pushing for Virginia to use off-shore drilling not only to help America’s energy woes but also to aid transportation funding, weighs in on the McCain energy policy.

County Chair Mike Monahan has been named head of the McCain effort in Shenandoah County. Congratulations, Mike.

-Fifth District Congressman Virgil Goode is boosting his 7th District colleague Eric Cantor as a possible vice-presidential candidate for Senator McCain. He even went so far as to have some “McCain-Cantor ’08” buttons made. Even if the ticket doesn’t come to fruition, being a Virginia political button fiend, I just HAVE to get me one of those.

-Speaking of Virginia Veeps, on the other side of the aisle former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe is promoting Governor Tim Kaine (or Kaine Wreck, as we like to call him after the transportation debacle). This comes to many as a sign that Hillary Clinton, who McAuliffe defendely ferociously and often to the point of lunacy as it became apparent the nomination  was slipping away from her, is not being considered for the nod.

-The town of New Market has ok’d a deal to send wastewater to Bridgewater’s Timberville plant. The deal, which will cost $10.25 million up-front, is seen as a cheaper alternative to building a new plant, which would have came in between $15 and $20 million.

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