Shenandoah County GOP

Morning Round-up

Sorry if this post is a bit bigger than usual, but I was just too busy to post yesterday. However, there’s still nine stories you should know about:

-State Senator Ken Cuccinelli stumped in Staunton at Shoney’s Restaurant Wednesday night. Although the AG race isn’t until next year, I encourage all Republican activists to start looking at the three candidates. 

-Poultry growers in the Valley are speaking out against ethanol subsidies, saying that funding ethanol puts the crunch on their feed prices. Feed costs make up about 70% of their production overhead. 

-Bob Goodlatte is crushing Sam Rasoul in the money race, outraising him roughly 5 to 1. 

-The Virginia Cooperative Extension showed off new equipment in Mount Jackson that injects manure and nitrogen into the ground rather than spreading it on top. 

-Tim Craig of the Washington Post discusses some counties in the state that may be the localities that decide November’s election. 

-There will be no new Christian high school in the county, at least not this fall. 

-The Obama campaign is opening offices in Harrisonburg AND Winchester. 

-New Market will have a meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Monday to go over their waste disposal plans

-Delegate Todd GIlbert visited Harmony Hall last night. Harmony Hall, a 1754 stone house owned by Belle Grove Plantation, will be one of just a handful of historic houses opened to the public in Shenandoah County when it is completed within the next decade.

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