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Dead Heat in Virginia
July 18, 2008, 10:52 pm
Filed under: Election 2008, MSM

The latest Rasmussen Report poll is out, and it looks like right now McCain and Obama are dead even in the Old Dominion. Both are tied at 44%, but when leaners are factored in, McCain leads at 48% to 47%. This would appear to prove the conventional wisdom that Virginia will be a battleground this fall. However, some interesting things are going on elsewhere in the poll. 

While McCain has raised his favorability to 64%, Obama is holding at 52%. However, while McCain has held at a 36% unfavorable, Obama is now at 47%, whereas he had 44% last month. This means that while people are continuing to become comfortable with John McCain (including unaffiliateds, who now support McCain by 10%), some of the sheen is starting to wear off Obama.

Obama is pulling out all the stops to win Virginia. However, Virginians by and large are only falling for his charm so much. McCain needs to ramp up his game and remind the generally conservative yet reform-minded people of Virginia why they came to the party in the 90’s. 

This is a good start. 


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