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Gilmore Bits and Pieces
July 16, 2008, 12:05 am
Filed under: Election 2008

-Gilmore and Warner will face off for the first time this weekend at the Homestead during the Bar Association Conference. Kick-off is 11 A.M. 

-Governor Gilmore calls out Warner on another lie to the Virginia people–this time on the hot topic of energy:

Mark Warner Lies to Working Virginians — Again
RICHMOND — Former Virginia Gov. Mark, who lied to the working families of Virginia when he said he would not raise their taxes, unveiled another whopper today when he went on the air on television stations across the state with a 30-second television commercial called “Energy Plan.” 

The commercial says Warner has proposed a plan to help make America independent of foreign oil including “Expand oil and gas production at home.” And yet, Warner is on the record repeatedly opposing efforts to increase U.S. oil production by drilling in ANWR in Alaska and drilling for oil offshore. 

Warner’s so-called Energy Plan, which was announced in Richmond on June 18th, does not include a single mention of increasing oil and gas production. In fact, Warner said in Fredericksburg in May that his goal was to “wean” America from oil. 

“There is only one candidate who has been committed from day one to increasing America’s domestic oil and gas production and that candidate is Jim Gilmore who has called for drilling in ANWR, drilling for oil offshore, using more coal and using more nuclear power as well as increasing the use of alternative fuels,” Ana Gamonal, a spokeswoman for former Gov. Jim Gilmore, Warner’s opponent in the race for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by U.S. Sen. John Warner. 

“When you look at Warner’s disdain for the truth, it makes you think that you are watching the Jim Carrey move “Liar, Liar,” said Gamonal, who pointed out that in 2005 then Gov. Mark Warner vetoed legislation passed by the Virginia General Assembly that called for lifting the ban on offshore drilling. Warner was cited by the Sierra Club for the veto of offshore drilling. 

“Mark Warner said repeatedly, “I will not raise taxes; I will not raise taxes,” and then pushed through a $1.4 billion tax increase. Now it would appear he is going to talk about expanding oil and gas production, despite the fact that he clearly intends to do just the opposite if elected to the U.S. Senate. As far as Mark Warner is concerned, there apparently is no lie too big to tell to the voters of Virginia when he’s running for election,” Gamonal said. 

-The Gilmore campaign has posted video from the Governor’s speech to the State Convention of the American Legion. 

-Jim Gilmore has traveled over 2,000 miles since July 2nd.


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