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Morning Round-Up
July 11, 2008, 8:29 am
Filed under: Election 2008, General Assembly, Judiciary

Five Stories you should know about (I think this may be a record round-up):

-Garren over at the Northern Virginia Daily has a story up about special session, and both of our local members of the General Assembly have some choice words for Democrat Tim Kaine and his “Give me taxes or give me death” allies. First, Senator Obenshain:

“Gov. Kaine was looking to pull a rabbit out the hat,” Obenshain said. “To quote Bullwinkle, ‘Whoops, I brought the wrong hat.'” …… “I fully support the notion that we should lock up the transportation trust fund,” Obenshain said. But the Senate version was a “double lockbox” that would keep general fund money from going to roads.       “I find that absurd. There are times we’ve had $1 billion-plus surpluses. There’s no reason in the world that we shouldn’t spend those dollars for transportation.”

And Delegate Gilbert:

“All it really did in the end was allow those regions … to keep more of the money they generate in the future. They are the economic engines that help drive the rest of the state,” said Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock.

-Meanwhile, the Daily News Record has a look back as well and more about the Senate’s absolute determination to block a commonsense measure that would direct money from a natural resource, gas and oil, to transportation.  -Not political, but Shentel is taking a stand against spam

-Strasburg is considering plans for a large housing development, but this time, it’s a retirement community.

-The U.S. Fourth District Court of Appeals has held up Virginia’s method of using lethal injection for executions. 

-Obama was in Fairfax, and the Washington Times warns us that the candidate is pumping an unprecedented level of support, both in terms of personnel and cash, into the state. However, some brave protesters bucked the trend of fawning over the Senator without any real regard for what the Senator’s policies will do: 

But Republicans labeled Mr. Obama as a liberal, and a handful of protesters stood outside his event with signs reading “Virginia is for McCain lovers.”

Republican Susan Allen, married to former U.S. senator and former Gov. George Allen, said Mr. Obama can’t keep his promises unless he raises taxes.

“I think I can speak for every woman in this room that we do not want new taxes or new mandates,” she said while joined by other Republican women.

“We have the chance in November to elect John McCain, an experienced leader who understands the economic challenges that face women and families across America today.”

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