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Morning Round-Up

Three stories you should know about

-Something……happened during the transportation session. It’s going to take a while for the smoke to clear, as neither house adjourned before 1:30. But it appears that his the gist of what happened: Both the Senate plan and the Kaine plan were defeated (the Kaine plan having previously died and then brought back up, when it didn’t get a single vote). Senate Plan failed along almost party lines, although a handful of Democrats defected along with one Republican (to side with the Senate, that is). The House Plan HB6006 then squeaked by after having all of the tax hikes removed (just 51 votes got it to the Senate). It failed in Senate finance. The House also passed a bill diverting revenues from off-shore drilling revenues to transportation, but the Senate killed it (it appears, but I’ll double check that one). So in essence, the Senate killed a reasonable solution, while the House stood up for taxes.

Let’s let nobody forget this moving into 2009. 

Linkies: Washington Post and Northern Virginia Daily

Governor Gilmore is gearing up for his first showdown with Governor Warner. Expect to see a great deal come out of this as Warner is finally forced to duke it out on the issues and not just his “success” in foisting the largest tax hike in Virginia history on the Commonwealth. 

-The Strasburg Town Council has voted to delay the reappointment of Town Manager Kevin Fauber until August. It’s unclear what’s going on behind the scenes, but there may be some displeasure with his performance. Were Fauber to be dismissed, he would be the second town manager to leave in a month (Evan Vaas recently left the town of New Market, to be replaced by County Planning Official Chris Boies), but this time not of his own volition. We’ll wait for this one to develop. Sorry, story is on dead tree only.


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