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More McCain
July 10, 2008, 9:51 pm
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First, Congressman Tom Davis makes the case for why he thinks McCain still has the edge in Virginia:

Davis, who is known for both his encyclopedic command of politics and a penchant for candor, predicted an uphill battle for the Democratic nominee in a state that has gone to the GOP in every presidential race since 1964.

Obama will have “cultural” problems in Southwest Virginia, Davis said on a conference call with reporters designed to pre-empt the Illinois senator’s visit tomorrow to a high school in his Fairfax-based district, while John McCain is likely to enjoy a “built-in advantage being a veteran in the Tidewater area.”

And in his own native northern Virginia, Davis said Obama would not enjoy the kind of success that Sen. Jim Webb did in knocking off George Allen two years ago.

“That was less pro-Webb than anti-administration, anti-war,” Davis said of Webb’s narrow win.

Further, he observed, McCain would do better among “soft Republicans” in a region known for its political moderation — “the kind of voters that  [2005 gubernatorial candidate Jerry] Kilgore and Allen weren’t able to hold.”

Good points. However, we still need to make sure that we get as many Republicans out in our neck of the woods to vote. We started moving towards that goal last night, when four intrepid souls joined me for phone banking at United Country Real Estate in Mount Jackson. We made over 150 calls, moving ever closer to our goal. However, we need your help. Let me know what you might be able to do to help us get just a bit closer. 

Something else to take a look at: McCain’s economic plan is out. This is the same one that 300 economists, including some prominent Virginians (such as Kenneth Elzinga), endorsed just the other day. This is the sort of plan that can help the party reclaim the mantle of good government and the sort of reform oriented message that swept us into power 14 years ago. I’d suggest any targeted congress critters embrace this as soon as possible.

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