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On The Road with Gilmore (and McCain too)
July 7, 2008, 7:55 pm
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Gilmore swung through the Valley today, with a stop in Harrisonburg and Winchester. Apparently the Gilmore campaign planned it so they could have small fundraisers but also small events where the Governor talked about his solutions for working Virginia families. Interesting strategy, particularly when the Governor is working from a distinct disadvantage in terms of dollars. I think we’re beginning to see the street fighter than won two statewide elections in a row. I think Gilmore could very well take off later this summer when Mark Warner is forced to answer for things like failing to follow through on investment funds that he used to bolster his political ambitions

Senator McCain also had an innovative event today, with small business owners gathering in Richmond to praise the Senator’s economic policies. Thing is, the Senator wasn’t there. They WERE joined by AG Bob McDonnell and LG Bill Bolling (expect to see them EVERYWHERE between now and November 2009). 

Attorney General Robert F. McDonnell (R) and Lt. Gov Bill Bolling (R) , two of McCain’s key Virginia surrogates, spoke at the event.

“McCain gets the fundamental truth about the economy, which is you cannot tax your way to prosperity,” McDonnell said.

Christy Swanson, owner of CKB Swanson Inc., also spoke. She told reporters she used to be an Obama supporter, but switched to McCain after hearing him spoke at a recent National Federation of Independent Business convention.

“While I am a Democrat, I am proud to support John McCain for president and looking forward to helping him to victory in November,” said Swanson, who is Asian.

Claudia Garcia Gonzalez, an Hispanic who co-owns of KLM Drywall, spoke to the television cameras in broken English.

“John McCain’s economic plan help company like mine expand and create more jobs,” Gonzalez said.

We’ll have more coverage of today’s Gilmore events in the morning.

UPDATE: NBC 29 has video from the Harrisonburg Stop

And SWAC Girl has pictures. 

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