Shenandoah County GOP

Morning Round-Up

Three stories you should know about:

-The U.S. Forest Service will be hosting a public forum on changes to its master plan for the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. The changes could allow wind turbines to be placed in these areas. The County Committee takes no position on this issue, but as always encourages citizens to be actively involved in their government. 

-Attorney Bob McDonnell offers some helpful advice about fake warranty offers. If only there was a way to stop the calls to my cell phone…..

Mary Westbrook’s car is all the rage. The 59-year-old widow receives incessant letters and calls on her cell and home phones. The solicitors won’t disclose their name, or their company’s name, nor provide her with anything in writing. Yet they’re insistent that she buy an extended warranty on her car.

The only problem: Westbrook hasn’t owned a car in two decades.

She is one of many citizens being preyed upon by one of the latest and most widespread consumer scams in Virginia: the extended automobile warranty scam.

In the face of this flood of auto warranty scams, keep the following tips in mind:

* Beware of mailings that appear to come from your automobile manufacturer offering extended warranty coverage.

* Beware of prerecorded phone calls. In Virginia, it’s illegal for telemarketers to use recorded solicitation calls for initial sales contacts.

* Never give out personal financial information, such as your bank account, credit card or Social Security numbers, over the phone unless you are positive that you know the party with whom you are dealing.

* Check to see if you already have a car warranty or if your warranty has already expired.

* When considering an extended warranty, get information in writing before you agree to sign up or pay any money. Know and understand fully what you will be getting for your money.

* Certain “extended warranties” do not always provide the peace of mind and financial protection that consumers expected. Many of these contracts, when closely scrutinized, exclude so many items that they really provide very little coverage for outrageous prices.

* Check out a business with the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs, our office or your local Better Business Bureau.

If you fear you’ve lost money due to this or any scam, you can file a complaint with the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs ( and the consumer protection office of the state where the company is based.

Consumer protection is an important statutory duty of the office of the attorney general, and our staff can help. In an age of increased consumer issues, we all must continue to be educated and vigilant.

-Unfortunately the daily did not put up a copy of the story, but Garren Shipley talked to Todd Gilbert about how the Heller decision affects Todd’s continued fight to allow college students to defend themselves through concealed carry. Check it out: Page B1. 

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