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SCRC Member Munden Starts Council Term
July 2, 2008, 9:19 pm
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In May Shenandoah County Republican Committee Member Ed Munden was elected to the Woodstock Town Council. Many may best remember Ed as the former owner of the Radio Shack. However, that was only Ed’s second career; many years before he had been a top aide to Senator John Tower, the first Republican elected to Senate in Texas in the post-Reconstruction era. He played his own small role in the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It had been Tower’s office that assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had contacted as he sought to return to the United States after a stay in the Soviet Union. As Mr. Tower’s Chief of Staff, Mr. Munden was called upon by the media to elaborate upon their dealings with Oswald. The letter was recently rediscovered in a Washington, D.C. attic

At any rate, Mr. Munden opened up his third act with a clear declaration of the direction he’s looking to take the Town of Woodstock: 

Munden said residents were tired of increased taxes, hiked water and sewer rates and other unnecessary changes, including the recent removal of two trees in front of the historic Shenandoah County Courthouse for downtown enhancement purposes.




“Take a good look at the voters’ message and give our voters the change they have asked for and deserve,” he said.

It appears that Mr. Munden will be taking his cues from the Republican Party. 

Stay tuned.

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Let me assure you that Ed Munden takes cues from his constituents and his conscience. I think he would agree to being a conservative, but as far as taking cues from the Republican Party, that implies that he is a puppet. Ed Munden is no puppet – just a concerned citizen who decided that it was past time for someone to take a stand for fiscal responsibility.

Comment by Jane Flores

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