Shenandoah County GOP

Morning Round-Up

Three quick stories:

Obama’s second ad for the general election is up and airing in… guessed it……Virginia. All hands on deck. Do what you can, but EVERY VOTE COUNTS this fall, and we have to work hard. You can start by helping us with phone banking on July 9th. Details on the calendar at our main web site.

Bob Goodlatte has joined with fifty of his colleagues to ask the Administrator of the EPA to lower the amount of ethanol required in America’s fuels. The move is in response to rising food prices, which are being driven both by the cost of fuel and a diminished supply, thanks in part both to ethanol use and wild storms out west (and at home; a number of Valley farmers, include Rockingham area Delegate Matt Lohr, have reported large losses following recent storms). Many environmentalists have hailed ethanol as a giant leap forward towards lowering our reliance on foreign oil, but economists have been quick to point out that diverting corn towards ethanol limits the amount used for food. 

-The Northern Virginia Daily has a round-up of area Fourth of July festivities. But what could be more patriotic than showing your support for a candidate in our free and fair elections (once a rarity in the world)? And you can do that by joining us at 2:30 p.m. in New Market for their Fourth of July Parade. (Sorry for the shameless plug)

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