Shenandoah County GOP

Morning Update

Two Three quick stories to point out:

-Congressman Bob Goodlatte is just getting back from Iraq (UPDATE: his flight was delayed Monday, so all the stories were written after a teleconference) and sounds upbeat about the progress being made. SWACGirl has more.

-Delegate Todd Gilbert continues to give it to the Democrats with two barrels over transportation:

“Saslaw’s bill is probably dead in the House,” said Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock.

 “You’re not going to see that kind of consensus with Democrats in the House,” Gilbert said. “Far too many people in our body realize what a ludicrous step that would be in these times.”

And indicates that Republicans may be going back to the drawing board on their leading package, HB6055:

But the reception for the bill has been “lukewarm” amongst House Republicans, according to Gilbert.

“I think it has significantly less support in the Republican caucus than [HB] 3202 did [in 2007],” said Gilbert, who voted against the 2007 package.

-Finally, JMU professor Robert Roberts confirmed what we all thinking: that Virginia will be a battleground state this fall. Just one more reason to join us July 9th.


UPDATE: Todd Gilbert will headline our first July 19th Monthly Breakfast, so be sure to join us at the Mt. Jackson Denny’s at 9 a.m. 


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