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June 22, 2008, 9:40 am
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Welcome to the official blog of the Shenandoah County Republican Party. My name is Craig Orndorff, the Chairman of Activities for the county committee. I will be the primary blogger here, although we welcome comments and seek out other opinions from the committee. Although this blog is sponsored by the committee, any opinion or commentary is solely the opinion of the author and is not the official position of the Committee. Now that we have taken care of the disclaimer…..

Many committee members may be unfamiliar with blogging, so a short introduction is in order. At its very essence, blogging is virtual journaling. An individual posts to their blog, and the blog archives all the posts. Blogging is a great leap over normal websites, as it allows almost instantaneous posting. Thus, although there are blogs on many, many different topics (the foundation that owns Belle Grove has their own blog, even), by far the most prominent category in the blogosphere (the informal term for the blog community) is politics. This is probably due to the fact that someone can read an article or view something on television and have response or commentary up within minutes. 

However, there are various forms that political blogs take. Some blogs take more of a “scrapbooking” approach, with short posts that focus on a particular news article or other blog post. Others take more of a traditional “journalistic” track, offering longer commentary. Still others are group blogs, with many, many different people blogging on a particular topic. However, most blogs offer a mix of the first two categories. This blog will use the same melange. I have blogged before, and have found that you need short and sweet posts to hold interest, and can roll out commentary at the appropriate time. 

Now, the one thing that separates me from many bloggers is that I have a job. Ok, that’s just a poke at bloggers, but it will affect my ability to be “fresh.” Don’t expect a constant barrage of posts answering everything on MSNBC. However, do expect two or three short posts before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. 

So that’s it. “Enjoy” my commentary and analysis. Engage me. Ask questions. Feel free to comment (although comments are moderated, so don’t expect an instant upload). If you feel the absolute need to be anonymous, go ahead. However, do know that there’s a deep respect for those who are willing to avoid the temptation of writing faceless, nameless comments and take responsibility for everything they say. Hence why you know exactly who I am.

But in case there’s still confusion, no, I don’t write about baseball and I’m not on the radio. Sorry. The only prize I can offer you is this blog.



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